Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Road To Publication

So...I started a new company. Yeah, just like that.

I'm selling bridges...I've got one in London...

<-- This logo--it's from fiverr. Can you tell?  But, it's better than I could do! 

So if your curious about the new Publication house, here's the story:

I had a critique partner that had this really fantastic story. She wanted to go traditional. I was so enamored with her story--it was about vampires and druggies. It never got published. That made me both angry and sad. 

I had more critique partners with amazing stories that never got published. My own mother's story wasn't selling to agents. Finally, I said there is nothing I can't do that they can. I want this. 

Now, when I want something and it's the right thing to do, it's easy in the beginning. The things I want just come. The direction I'm suppose to take is like water--the path of least resistance. Or maybe the path I take isn't difficult because I don't see the difficulty. I research. I wait. I roll smoothly into said goal and take it. Is it easy? My mutant power is making life look easy--it is in a way. 

So what made me truly decide was Indie publishing. I wanted to own it ALL. It's exciting to choose the book covers, make the calls, pretend I'm a real publisher! I'm not afraid because the authors I have behind me have the same vision I do. I'm proud of my authors, those that chose to accept my offer of publication and see what I can do with great stories. 

I'm untried but I don't care. Learning is the road to Indie publishing. I can't wait to say I've published my 1st novel. My 100th novel. My first series. My tenth series. Prolific is one of the words you can put on my grave stone. I'm going to purchase 1,000 ISBN's and I will use every last one of them for me and my authors. 

Troll River Publications Believes in its Authors. We believe in their writing style, their word choice, their story, their concepts. Troll River is a partner, and hopefully will soon be a guide. I couldn't be more pleased if one of my authors goes on to be in on the Big 6. That would be accomplishment. But for now, I'd like to see where it goes! This company is a long time coming. I wonder what sights it will take me down. 

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