Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Task 1: What Should It Say?
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Task 1: 31 Days To Build A Better Blog. 
This is ultimately about BRAND. In a sentence that one word says, "this is what I'm about and what you can expect from me."

If you veer off that course, people stop trusting you. 

So, we are obviously not talking about this blog because it's motto is NO BRAND. 

We ARE talking about because that blog has the most to gain from these lessons.

Here's my thought: TRP is a blog where writer's can learn about writing and publishing.

That's a bit boring. Especially for me. 

But then I thought about my author blog and that one is Spice and then some so we've got to balance out the scale, right?

The Dirty Blog is a refreshing take on the social taboos in life. That I care about those who want to better themselves and take charge of what they think of themselves. That this blog is a safe place to express oneself. 

Hopefully, that is what's conveyed! I've even put a blurb to readers of the blog to contact me if I can improve the experience. 

So far, I think TASK 1 has improved my blog and my reasons. 

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