Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writing Unique & Original

Here's a conundrum.  You have to be original and have a unique voice or story telling, but you have to be "familiar" enough so that readers don't feel alienated.  Writing unique and original seems to equate to finding your voice.  But what is voice?  To some, voice would be the way you talk in words.  Voice is your unique choice and placement of words.  Voice makes readers familiar to you.  If you have a voice all your own that's unique, where a fan could look at an excerpt and say, "that's Neil Gaiman!"  without having known the author of the piece.  So when you go out and try to be unique and original, don't forget most of that comes from voice!  So tune up your words and write without editing.  You might find the rhythm in which people with relate to. 

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