Thursday, November 22, 2012

Self Publishing Podcast

In the spirit of sharing and collaboration, I highly recommend "The Self Publishing Podcast with Johnny, Sean, & Dave".

DW, my dearest, suggested this podcast to me.  Now, I'm no podcast listener, but I'm an audible listener, so a podcast seem to be the cross over drug.  

I love it!  Podcasting is my new sliced bread and this particular podcast is my peanut butter!  

If you know anything about me, I love peanut butter.  I have "Ode To The Peanut Butter" somewhere in my journals.  I explain why peanut butter should be two words and how without PB I would starve.  

So now that you understand what this podcast means to me, you should go listen!  

Now, because I was no podcast listener, I asked my hun, how do I listen?  Oh crap--I'm not going to do the he said she said thing--here's the convo:

"You should listen to this podcast."



"Who recommended it?"

"Alex Haddox."

"The personal defense guy?"

"Yeah!  He wrote a book and recommends these guys."

"I don't know how to listen."

"Go to BeyondPod.  Do it on your phone cause you'll listen to it on your phone the most."

"Oh, okay."  I hand my phone to DW.

He punches in beyondpod on my internet connection on my phone.  

"I can listen to it on my computer?"


"But I want to listen to it on my phone."

"That's what I'm doing."

"Oh.  Okay."

DW hands me my phone.  "Look up self publishing in the search."

Type, type, type.

"Oh!  They have 28 episodies!"  (No that's not a typo, that's a stephonism.)


--"...Welcome to the self publishing podcast where you can publish your book without agents, publishers or other gatekeepers of the traditional publishing world..."



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