Monday, June 3, 2013

Build A Better Blog Day 16: Solve A Problem

Solving Problems is a good way to get readers. Here's my question ~ Am I solving your problem with these posts?

If you can answer yes, then I'm doing my job! 

So--this is going to be a LIST post. (Click HERE to go back and review Day # 2)

1. Solve your own problems. 
My blog is Nose Droppings. Of course I'm going to pull out some really good problems and write about them! Sometimes I don't get resolution. But solving your own problems shows others, it's been done before...and here! Look--it's already solved! People pay money for that kind of stuff. Heck, you could be a problem solver and get readers! 

2. Look for questions to answer. 
Okay, here's where Darrin gives you five different ways and says the same thing. Darrin gives you three points that tell you: 

~ Search referrals in you analytics. 
~ Look for problems on other sites. 
~ Use social media to gather questions. 

If you've been active in other blogs, groups, social media, you might already have answered a few questions to become an authority. Why not take one of those questions you answered and post it. 

3. Ask Readers.
Yeah, if you're starting out this isn't as helpful. Refer back to #2. If you do have a following -- ask them by:

~ Write a post asking for questions. What do readers want type post.
~ Email recent commenters. This is reminiscent of Day #5. 
~ Set up a contact form that acts as a questionnaire. Right on! That serves both parties. 
~ Survey your people.
~ Run a poll. Seriously don't know the real difference between a poll and a survey but I believe in you. I'll let you run with it.

4. Ask friends/family.
Privacy is a concern, but if you change the names of all involved, it could be all right! Friends and family have problems too. Maybe you can help them AND your readers! 

ACTION ITEM: Answer a question! 

Yeah, Darren is much better at answering all this! You should buy his book! 


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