Monday, July 1, 2013

Build A Better Blog Day 26: Improve Another Blog

Darren asks...when did you help another person's blog get better?

Ummmm...just now! 

Okay, really, why should you improve another person's blog? Can you see the benefits of reaching out, helping another person, connecting, and gaining a potential reader?

I remember the first time I got to help another blogger and it was a wonderful feeling! We connected and it's been a wonderful experience. Can you imagine the impression it made on both of us? 

But I have to warn you that it's how you help others that creates the impression. It does need to be done with tact. Emailing bloggers advising them might be taken as "your wrong and only I can fix it." Here are some ideas on ways to go about making other's blogs better:

  1. Write a high quality post useful to bloggers.
  2. Link to a useful blog.
  3. Write an email with suggestions. 
If you think like I do, you might look at #3 and say No way! If you do decide to use that method, proceed with caution. If you have a great idea, can present it with style and grace in an email -- go for it! If a blogger says in their post "I love your thoughts" -- then open game! She want's your input. 

I'm hesitant to email a blogger, even one I know, unless my ideas are solicited. I won't even comment about it because of the risk of giving the better than thou impression. 

I'm not like that...It's about quality, caring and commitment to the community. My effort is...


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