Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Build A Better Blog Day 28: Write A Review Post

Reviews! Oh, let me count the ways!

First you need a product/service. Make sure the product is relevant to your blog. (Yeah, I know it's self-explanatory)

So let's go down the checklist of making a review post though, informative and entertaining.

1. Give an opinion. People want to know--did you like it? I say put it at the top making it easy because while you might have skimmers, most people will be curious as to why you like/don't like the item.

2. Give a rating. And make sure they know the scale. 1 out of 5 stars, cookies, ice-cream cones, puppy barks, whatever. Make you're own scale and measure.

3. Balance the positive & the negative aspects. You're doing a review piece where people want to know more about your experience.

4. Plan your keywords. When people search, they're going to search for how to...or may be the item model number, etc. Choose those keywords so SEO search will pick you out.

5. Make comparisons. If you've done product reviews of different models, link the posts together.

6. Use an affiliate link. If you write something good and you can get paid for it...why not put an affiliate link all convenient like for the reader and the seller to buy their product right there and then while reading your post.

7. Say who it's good for.

8. Be personal. Ad your flavor!

9. Pictures! Have a visual or many...they help. Wearing the product, using the product, standing on the product...whatever. But have a picture!

10. Give details and make it easy to buy the item. Like--affiliate links!

* If it's relevant, say how you cam across the item. That can pull someone in the read the post.

Here's a link to Darren's book!

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