Thursday, January 20, 2011

Amazon and Royalites

So Amazon lets you sell back the books you bought from them, but here's a question:

Do authors get royalties from used books?

I realize I'm showing my inexperience here and I'm assuming the answer is "no".  But with all the copyright infringements on movies and black market media, I was wondering if you could even keep track of used books.  To me the publishing industry plays with new book sales so much that it would just be unlikely to be able to enforce royalties of used books.

I like to read a good book, used or new, but I feel guilty sometimes wondering if the author was able to get there $0.90 for the book I just bought.  I'm not pub-bashing, I just come to understand that writers kinna get the short-end.

Publishers are great and they do their best to make the product sell, but writers create the original stories then have to re-write after an editor gets to it, then the writer watches as others decide the name and cover art, then the writer has to wait a year and a half for it to print, then the author has to market the book pretty much by themselves.

I look at this process, look at many gracious authors that are just happy someone likes their book enough to publish it and think, ya know, they deserve more.  In that regard I buy new because I can afford it and I want to support other authors that I like.  I have no problems reading a self published book if it catches my eye.  But I also understand that there is a certain standard when I go to Borders for my reading entertainment that you can't always get with self publication. 

I can totally understand an author that is just proud to have their work in publication.  I can also relate to the panic that comes five minutes later when realization hits that you must market your book.  So, I'm going to worry about weather or not the author gets their money.  The only way I can do that is to buy it new.

What about you?

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