Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bigger Than Life Marketing Plan

You know how things look huge in your head?  Then you put it on paper and think, that's it?  In the beginning, that was my "Marketing plan." 

A few lines, a sketch of a budget and off to writing because that's what authors do best!  

Well, like a year later, I've given myself the deadline of October 15th, 2012 to finish THE draft.  Extended from the October 1st, 2012 deadline.  Which might be extended again.  

Anyway--Marketing--yes that's the subject.  Marketing.  So I started a "real" marketing plan and I realized that the easy going previous cousin was like Hawaii and now "the plan"  has become New York.  

Oh, book trailer, yeah I want one of those.  Oh, crap press release--good idea.  Book blog tour, free?  Then I find a publicist I really like.  

The thing is, none of the money feels like a dump in the toilet.  It's just what marketing costs for building a business.  Yes, writing is a business and I treat it as such.  So all these nifty gadget looking marketing things are rather looking like necessities.  

How much would you expect to spend on your marketing plan?  How much do you expect to spend on starting a business? 
Now, I've looked around for specifics on a marketing plan and I found zippo.  So, I started a marketing plan in excel.  It extended to what I need to do for my book as well like, ecover design, audiobook, print cover, print design, formatting all that good stuff.  

Because I couldn't find a specific marketing plan and everyone expects me to know what a marketing plan looks like (because everyone goes to college right?).  So here's another School of hard knocks lesson.  As I write this I'm thinking--hey dorkis, you have a mom and dad that's done this, why didn't you ask?  I'm glutton for punishment?  

Here are things you need to write out in excel, word, google docs, whatever:

THE Marketing Plan -- (Each book is different so give it the books title or working title)
(I put my mission statement underneath: Have Fun.  Make Money.  Avoid Assholes.)

I defined specific GOALS:

1. Sell 200 books.  Yes, it's low.  It's the average amount an eBook will sell--I'm on reality planet not "what I'd like reality to be" planet.  This is my first book.  It's a business.  I'm nobody--right now.  I'll grow.

2. Gain 10 avid fans.  Totally random number.  It's like 5% of the 200 books I sell.  How does that saying go?  If I touch the life of one person it will all be worth it.  Well, I believe you affect each and every life you touch.  I'm hoping to touch 200 but 10 would be great to start!  Not overwhelming but slow grow is constant growth.

3. Write the best possible book I can. My writing abilities are growing.  It's apparent in every new draft. Grandpa told me a story this past Spring about an agent who wrenched the draft from a writer to give to the editor because the writer was working on the book for five years.  G-Pa so identifies with the agent.  I've given in and am finishing the book the way it is.  No longer experimenting on it.  G-Pa is in his 90's--he wants to read it before he dies.  Hang in there BD!  It's a coming!  

Those are the goals.  

Next was the Target Audience:

Janet: 35 yrs. old, rides her bike to work.  Loves horses, and her boyfriend but doesn't have a great relationship.  She's looking for more and trying to find in in books.  Gets her books from Amazon.

Sarah: 26 yrs. old, drives a BMW, has very little time but loves to read.  When she does read she devours a book over the weekend in between doing chores.  Gets her books from Good reads reviewer recommendations.

Carol: 43 yrs. old, is starting to wind down from a successful carreer and has discovered the joy of reading.  She's married and has two young children and plans on spending more time with them after she retires from her job.  Gets her books from Indie reader, Smashwords, etc. 

I just totally made up characters in a book for that one.  I'm blowing it out my ...  So I'm thinking 25-40 market.  This is why I need a publicist.  

Now the fun part!  Social Media strategy:

Set up:
Facebook Author Page
Goodreads Author Page
twitter account
Linked-in page
Pintrest Author Page (author website)
Blog Tour (Kindle Nation Daily, eReader News Today)

For each I have a date as to when to set them up, AND daily, weekly, monthly actions.  Which are blank at the moment because I've been thinking about getting everything else together.  

As I roamed my friendly neighborhood writing circles other marketing things I had to do for the book appeared:
* Google   
* Book Daily    
* Piece of Cake -- Press Release   
* Networked Blogs (
* Greg Spence--Market your self published book online (
* Pump Up Your Book    
* 30 day books
* NovelNook  

And a checklist of what needs to be done after I let go of this monster.  So you see.  Instead of all that roaming my head, I have a checklist and a plan.  But what I'd really like to do is get a power hour with my favorite marketer to set me straight on what my plan needs.  

Do you have a marketing plan?  Would you care to share anything I missed?

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