Friday, October 19, 2012

Seperate: A Study In Mind And Body

Dressage riders have to separate parts of their body for different movements.  You might think this is really easy but try walking without swinging your arms or swaying your hips.  Our bodies are connected when we move and it's not natural to separate movement.     

As I was riding and thinking about this, I wondered how I could separate other parts of my body to understand what they are saying.  

Your stomach speaks and sometimes loudly.  But do you hear your heart?  Your gallbladder?  Your liver?  Probably only when something is really wrong and your organs are telling you to fix it now. 

What about separating the soul from the heart and understanding what each is saying. 

Your consciousness is always talking to you and the muffled feelings of your body isn't given a second glance.  The mind is the language of thought or voice.  The language of the rest of your body is feeling.  So tell your brain to shut up and feel?  

Maybe.  Or maybe you can use the brain to help you understand and communicate to the other parts of your body and even your soul.  Use your mind to decipher what's going on in your body.  

You might wonder how.  I close my eyes and focus on the part I want to listen to, like the heart.  I sit and concentrate on my heart for a moment and then I'll hear it "speak". 
Dressage riders concentrate on separating muscles, but it's a different type of fulfillment to hear all aspects of thought, feeling and soul together for a complete life.  

You might have a different way of listening and I'd like to hear how you do it! 

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