Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Make Successful Blogging Relationships

 As I've said before, I blog as a means for everyone's enjoyment but every once in a while I find gems.  Below is an excerpt from such a place! 


 Content mix

  • 10-15% entertainment and/or “personality” content that forms an emotional connection with your reader (if you’re shy about revealing personal details, this will probably lean more toward the “entertainment” side)
  • 50-60% valuable tips and quickly usable information
  • 10-15% weighty reference and higher-value content your readers will want to bookmark and return to (as time goes on, you may find you create less of this, preferring to send readers back to your classic content)
  • 5-15% content that builds relationships with other bloggers, including news and links to other content
  • 5% “selling” content that leads to an affiliate promotion or to a sales sequence for your own product
Don’t get too hung up on precise numbers, but do try to keep your content profile in this general neighborhood.

It has lots of good stuff and you can sign-up and get the posts delivered right to your inbox!

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