Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today marks a new tag for "Nose Dropings".   

"Goals" are an building block of success.  Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals are the outline or "frame" of achievements.  I like to review my goals twice a year at the very least and this is a post to keep me as close to the path as possible.  Goals can be detailed or abstract and I like structure with a bit of flexibility so I tend not to punish myself when I go astray.  Rather, I think, oh!  I do need to get back to that and continue on.  Some might consider my goals chores and if it's better for you to think of them as such then who am I to say nay?  I'm breaking off my goals into sections:

Write 2,000/words a week.  (Not too lofty since I was writing over 1,000 words weekly last year)
Complete my current WIP.
Edit my current WIP.
Take one online workshop.
Blog every other work day.

Start putting level 1 movements in tests
Strengthen right side
Transition to canter on right with no changes of lead

Keep on the quest to learn more about the language of men
Finish the endgame of Star Wars the Old Republic (it's a game)
Try not to be cruel to the cat. 
Stay on course to save for a house. 

Easy peazy goals!  No larger than life things just the ones I want.....................................

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