Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If It Wasn't Hard, It Wouldn't Be Worth It

As of late, I've been reading blogs about how hard it is to get a manuscript traditionally published.  (Long pause and a sigh inserted here.)

I've been reading so many that I've gotten weary of posts titled "How I got my agent".  The first three paragraphs explain how hard the author worked, how many doubts they had, how they were ready to turn back, how they asked themselves everyday "is this really what I want to do?", and also asked "why is so hard to find an agent?".

I'm starting to shy away from the "how I got my agent" advise.  Where's the fun?  Where's the adventures?  I don't want to know how you got your agent because it's like trying to solicit for a best friend.  Every story is different--yet everyone seems to have tremendous doubts about getting one.  

Where are the people that say this journey is amazing!  Oh, sure those posts say it at the end to keep the subject on a light note but the whole rest of the article is just a downer about the industry as a whole.  I don't want to concentrate about the industry as a whole.  If your personal legeng is to be published then wonderful!  I'm tired of woe-was-me stories and it turns out that published aurthors have more pressure than ever and STILL they say it's the best job in the world--GREAT!  Tell me those best job in the world stories!  

Why focus on the negative aspects when there is so much good about writing?  I'm sick of woe-stories.  So I'll give you a happy story instead.  Girl writes in diary.  Girl decides she likes writing.  Girl writes novel and goes to workshops to improve her writing.  Teacher tells girl she sucks but girl doesn't get upset.  Instead girl listens to teacher on how to make her WIP better.  Girl happily writes while researching HOW she's going to get published.  

Now a skilled writer will put in the inciting incident and the antagonist but you'll find girl is not insecure or worried because what will be, will be and you see girl swooshing aside negativity, rejection and doubt because she believes in herself.  Might be a boring story, but as I said a skilled writer could make it interesting.  Which the writer's I subscribe to are talented.  So hop to it guys!  There's a challenge.  Make it interesting but make your hero NOT insecure! 

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