Tuesday, May 8, 2012

People Points

This post is for those who sometimes wake up in the morning and find they have zero people points.  

People points is a term for the allocated tolerance level given to anyone by an introvert.  Most people recharge by drawing people near them.  A smaller group of people are introverts, funny word introvert it kinna reminds me of pervert, (anyway) introverts want nothing to do with anyone.  Except maybe the dog.  People no, animals okay.  Not even other introverts want anything to do with other introverts.  

So what do introverts do when they have zero people points?  They stay away from other people less they give others a bad day.  

For those that want to know what to do to get out of the funk I have suggestions:

* Walk in nature is good for the soul.  

* Write down frustrations.  Like in a blog, like this one! 

* Play with the puppy. 

* Go to that special place--it could be the beach, the stables, or even the mat so you can beat the crap out of those people that are annoying you.  

Now here's how to piss off an introvert.

* Ask them if they are okay or what their problem is. Introverts love it when you tell them they look down or put in f-bombs with your sentences.

* Be loud and obnoxious in the name of fun!

* Say something stupid like 2 + 2 = 5.  

If you really want one to go postal, tell them they have to go to this social gathering and you will have no more problems, ever.   

So when a person says they are out of people points remember, it means they are sick of you--but it's nothing personal. 

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