Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Steal This Poem...Give It To Your Lover

I think about you all the time.
Be my new discovery,
An exciting uncharted territory,
To explore you, adore you,learn again.
Can I wrap you up in my love,
So much I would like to claim you as my woman.
Surround you completely, play with you sweetly,
Fall in love with you totally and completely.
Then ever so tenderly slowly undress each layer,
Finding each a new desire.
Those special things about you I will and do so admire.
Like your beautiful cheeky smile and charm,
Or the freckles on your arm,
The music in your soft voice,
When I am locked in surrender of your embrace,
Just to hear you whisper,
The way you say my name.
Like the look in your eyes,
When you are thoughtful.
Or the things you like,
Like what goes on in your mind.
Those cute dimples on your chin and where you are ticklish,to just begin,
Just silly things which are part of you.
Like bare naked simplicity.
I want to give you all of me so will you give me all of you?
Truly one thing I really want to say,
Is I want to make you mine one day,
Tell you how much I love you so very much,
Each day more and more, Miss you being in touch.
So for now I just let you know how much I love you so,
Sending you kisses lots and lots.
I want to ask you will you be mine,
So we can catch up on all them lovely cuddles and hugs.
I love you more all the time.

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