Friday, May 24, 2013

Build A Better Blog Day 13: Take A Trip To The Mall And Improve Your Blog

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First thing Darren said was "You probably think I've lost my mind".

I DON'T! That's BRILLIANT! I get to shop and improve my blog?! Wow, Darren, do you know your target audience or what! I know where your going with this.

People watching gets you understanding...people. Not only that but shops have great ways to get customer attention. Study it! As Darren says...Malls are great because they're places in which marketers employ all kinds of strategies that can be useful to learn. Study from the best! RETAIL! 

This weekend, when you're out and about doing chores, stop and sit for a while. Eat a snack and observe the people. What are they buying? How are shops getting customers in the door? Where are lookey-loo's lingering--do you think they are actually interested in the item or is it just Oh shiny! 

After you've been home for a while, think back to what you learned about people from your observations. Write them down. Maybe you'll get more fodder subjects to blog about! 

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