Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Build A Better Blog Day 14: Update A Key Page On Your Blog

We are so busy writing blogs, that we forget about things like--updating our BIO, the About Page, References, etc. 

Now if you like to keep all your posts relevant, you'll need to go back and update those older posts. Or you can be like me and enjoy laughing at myself way back when. A moment in history when I thought big hair looked good. 

Once a year I'll look back at the past and it will inspire a new post. 

So here are a few key pages to go over and make sure things are fresh and up to date!

  1. Home Page
  2. Sidebar
  3. Headers
  4. Logos
  5. Site objectives
  6. Calls to action
  7. About page
  8. Landing page
  9. Contact page
  10. High traffic page
  11. Other misc. key pages...
If you want to find out more suggestions get Darren's book!
Build A Better Blog with Darren Rowe
ACTION ITEM: Identify key posts & pages and give them an update!


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