Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Five Days Of Angels

Uriel--My guiding light
Some of you know what I'm talking about when I say I've had the pleasure of helping to host the famous five; Archangel Metatron (doesn't anyone read the bible?), Archangel Michael (Who is like God), Archangel Raphael (Healing power of God), Archangel Gabriel (Strength of God), and Uriel (Fire of god).

This is where you allow the famous five (yeah, I know there's other Archangels, but can you name them?) into your home for five days.  

I've had a few conversations with them...

Me: I'm going to put your picture on my screensaver.
Uriel: Don't do that yet.
Me: Why not, I'm just going to load it in it's already on my computer.
Uriel: *shrug*
Me: *puts Uriel's picture on computer*--computer locks up.
Uriel: I told you not to do that.
Me: Okay so I'm not so good at following suggestions.  *Doe eyes* Will you fix my computer?
Uriel: *lifts an eyebrow*
Me: Oh never mind!  It's working again--Thank you Apollo. 

Michael--yeah, he rocks.
A friend of mine (names will remain anonymous for the sake of the innocent) has Archangel Michael as guide and mentor.  
Me: I just don't see how (my friend will remain nameless) puts up with you.  You can be such a jock.
Michael: That's because I am a jock.
Me: Well she's a book worm and you’re so active.
Michael: Hey, someone's got to be the football.
Me: Excuse me!  (Nameless friend) is not a football.
Michael: You're looking at it wrong.  The football is the most precious thing, so much that there are a hundred-and-four guys that can't get their minds off it.  The football might get tackled sometimes but they protect that precious little thing the entire field to the goal knocking down anything in their path.  You know how hard an angel can tackle you?
Me: *Blink* My friend the size and shape of a football being carried by Michael across the field makes my face contort.
Michael: gottcha.

Raphael--healing through laughter
When I was asked to take the famous five I said NO!  Why?  Because angels are scary.  Inviting five into your home doesn't make me think oh all these wonderful beings are going to help me.  Angels, while they mean you wonderful most the time can be a bit high-handed.  That means your life might not go according to your plan.  Anyone who says, "God doesn't give you more than you can handle."  You come talk to me in person and I'll tell you a story.  

As an example of high-handed--I was given the chance to host them and said no.  That was that, I thought.  No.  I got usurped from the back door.  DW took them in.  That is a move that sounds like a favorite vampire of mine would do.

So, to make me laugh (because I was extremely nervous having to help host them), during our walk with Emma Archangel Raphael shrinks them all to the size of smurfs and uses Emma as a mount.  While five smurf size Archangels are "riding" Emma they all shout in tiny smurf voices "Whoaaaaaa".  At that moment Emma reaches around and bites the air above her back nearly biting off Raphael's face. The image had me in tears.  

Gabriel -- Feminine or Masculine?  Does it matter?
Gabriel explained to me the reason why he/she looks so gender neutral (at least to me).  It's because Gabriel doesn't want to be classified as either.  She said that sometimes the message is received better when gender isn't involved or when a specific gender is involved.  Don't know if that makes sense, but I get the impression Gabriel tries to be all things to all people and that works only for an Archangel.

Before she left she said to me, "Always your faithful servant."  The statement blew me away.  It takes character and tremendous humbleness for an ancient being such as Gabriel to want to help, what one might consider, a lower life-form.  Yet I see her point while I'm feeding, watering, grooming, taking every pain-staking care of Emma (my dog) and yes, I am Emma's servant and proud of it!

I will always see Metatron as Allen Rickman
In the beginning of all this I had thought it was funny Metatron had absolutely nothing to say to me (being the voice of God) and then I get this huge boom in my head replying--"Who do you think is interpreting for you?"

I also think Metatron was the one who came up with:  How to construct a human -- (An Angles point of view)
Materials: clay, universal ooze, syringe, dense semi-rigid porous calcified connective tissue, grey matter, two looking glasses.
Step 1.  Assemble dense semi-rigid porous calcified connective tissue and grey matter inside clay.  Be sure to place the two looking glasses near the location of the grey matter.
Step 2.  Use syringe to gather 20cc of universal ooze from the primordial dark matter. 
Step 3.  Insert universal ooze inside your construct. 
Step 4.  Watch and play with your new claymation. 

Anyone else maybe feel a bit like a bug comparatively?  My reply--Thanks Enoch.  

I haven't written much for my novel since they've been here but that might have to do with Uriel and I getting square again.  That is a long story for another time though and while there are other stories of personal worth I will always keep, they aren't for the blog-o-sphere.  Monday was the last day we hosted them and funny thing was I thought they'd be gone Tuesday.  However, at the appointed time they were to leave on Monday, I was able to write again.  

Angels are here to help us (despite the high-handedness).  But I'm reminded that if God ever decides he's done with Adam's children, we're screwed.  

Thank you my dear friend who will remain nameless for slipping the famous five into my life through the back door that is DW.

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