Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've Got Nothing But Pretty Pictures...(Excerpt)

I took this picture while waiting for my windshield to be replaced (this was a while ago).  It struck me as odd that the entrance of the church is on the second floor.  The windows had some beautiful stained artwork that doesn't translate from the picture I took on my phone yet to me the picture was fascinating. 

As a writing exercise I challenged myself to "paint a picture" of what I see here and translate it into words.  It's an inspiration of a description and passage I've put into my WIP:

The mage tower the magician resided in was a three story cylinder set apart from the palace.  Asmara mumbled about indignities of a magician owning a mage tower.  How Ardin received special treatment to have his own personal retreat and look-out was beyond Marcus.  After tonight he doubted if the magician would be given indifference.  

No underground passages would help him sneak into the tower so he used stealth and a roundabout route to by-pass guards, patrols and wanderers. 

Tiecus would call this a “no-eyed” night and darkness camouflaged Marcus' pale skin.  His black hair helped cover his face but his eyes were like torches sending light out onto his path.  Careful where he aimed his attention he crouched low with his back pressed against the cool jagged palace walls. 

Ardin’s personal Blackened Elite were no longer with the magician but Elite guards had been posted outside the mage tower.  Two patrolled around the base of the tower and two maintained vigil at the second story entryway. 

The first floor had no windows or doors and was said to be a dungeon.  The second story had a window that faced opposite the only door to the inside.  The third floor was Ardin’s private chambers with four windows facing each elemental direction but that room was less interesting than the second floor lab.  He doubted he’d be greeted and allowed entry to the front but it wouldn’t be the first time he climbed up the tower wall. 

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