Monday, March 19, 2012

Organization Tips for the First Day Of Spring!

It's spring tomorrow and time for spring cleaning!  But let's say you want to learn how to organize too.  

Well, your in luck because now you are going to learn secret tips and tricks to my powerful organizational skills.  Yes as in mad skillz.  I could write about organization for a life-time it's so ingrained in me.  I dedicate these tips to my mom who I learned this imperative habit from, but now I'm going to give you the MOST POWERFUL organizational trait I have. 
To be organized, you have to organize. 
Earth shattering I know, but if you don't put in that 10 minutes of straightening every day, or even the half hour every week, then forget it!  First we have to learn how you think.  Sure filing stuff in a drawer under typical tags are great but if you don't remember them than what's the point.  

My dad has a filing system in which areas of his desk are piles of papers, files, notes and scribbles that he can, amazingly, find what ever it is in an instant and that's his filing system.  If you can, without fail, organize like this then may the power of grey-skull be with you--you do not need my help.  

However, if you do not have He-man powers of organization then boy can I can assist you!  Be warned though--organization and cleaning are two totally different things.  You can do one or the other or both at the same time, but never misconstrue that if someone is organized that they are clean as well.  Not always the case.  Cleaning has a purpose.  Organizing has a purpose. They aren't the same thing. 
Organizational Skill #1: Take 10 minutes everyday to organize.
As mentioned, 10 minutes a day or half-hour every week is fine.  If you don't take the time, I can't help you.  Getting motivated to organize is easy...
Organizational Tip #1: Use distraction to organize.
I'll be loathing to go out using any excuse to just wait five more minutes before I'm out the door.  Horrible, I know, but organizing as a means to distract you from other things means your organized.  Hey--I said I'd help you organize.  While organizing time is one of those tips if you need to straighten the house I'll use any excuse to get you motivated.
Orginizational Tip #2: Make more of a mess to get organized.
If the project of organizing seem massive and you don't know where to start or your finding it hard to get started, take a pack of cards, any cards--playing cards, tarot cards, monopoly money, game pieces, dice whatever and disperse these cards/dice/money in the room where you want to organize.  I like to shuffle my cards then let them fly out of my hand in a one-hand shuffle to the ground.  I'll pick up my cards to start with and then I find I'm moving papers, then CD's, then moving furniture around if I'm really ambitious.  It works and it's a great way to just do it!
Organizational Tip #3:  Organize one area only. 
Do not burn out on organizing.  Seriously take an egg timer, set it and drop what ever you're organizing when the bell rings.  Unless you're super excited, have the time and are enthusiastic about organizing, like me, then don't make it such a difficult chore.  Shoving things in drawers is not organizing.  Don't cheat.  Remember--clean is not organized.  If it's a table you want straightened up then just do the table.  Find a suitable rack for those magazines, put those cups in the sink, place important papers in a pile to file later, not now--you're not filing--your organizing the table.  Focus on what you want organized and when you work on one area at a time you'll find it easier to recall where you put it later. 
Knowing your organizational mind is going to help.  But for now, make it a habit so organizing becomes a lifestyle. 

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