Thursday, April 12, 2012

Relationship Destination

My relationship destination
Where is this relationship going?  Pleasant-ville, IN?  Do my relationships need to go somewhere?  And if they're going somewhere then where are the pictures?  Why do women feel like they're traveling through a relationship?  If this is true, and relationships "go" somewhere then marriage is death.  But it's not. 
So when you have a platonic relationship with a girlfriend, where is that relationship going?  

"Oh, don't be silly," you say.  "Of course I'm not going to marry my buddies!"  

"Then why would a relationship with a guy be any different?"  

"Don't be dumb!"  You say. 
When women think about relationships in this way, they get it wrong every time.  Those are the women that want their party, their dress, their presents and their vacation.  

Do they actually think about afterward?  You know who does?  Your husband, or your husband-to-be.  If you're just thinking about the relationship destination, once you're married no wonder your relationship goes in the crapper. 
Here's a hard truth.  

Women--it's up to you.  It's up to you to communicate.  

Women are the great communicators and yet they never learn the language of men.  You're frustrated because he won't do what you want when you want and how you want.  Your issue is control because you feel that men are more powerful and to gain power you must gain control.  This gets you into manipulations.  Which gets him to feel resentful and closed off.  Which ultimately gets you more frustrated.  "Why won't you talk to me!" 
If you're prepared for the reason I'll give it to you.  If not STOP READING and go away.  Go on manipulating with frustrating results.  Go on wondering where your relationship is going because I'll tell you it will be going to divorce and heart break. 
But let me ask you this question.  Have you ever yelled at yourself in the mirror as if you're talking to your man? 
No?  If you have...
How frightened were you of that person in the mirror?  Was she scary?  Was she red-faced?  Were you thinking of any lie just to get her to calm down? 
Wow.  I think I'd run from you too.  That is why he won't talk to you. 
You want the truth but so often you don't give yourself the ability for the truth.  Anger is a weapon.  It's also a shield.  

He lies to you during that time because no matter what he says it will be held against him in a court of law and he knows it!  And that court of law is your law.  Also, the truth might just make you more angry.  

Answering your question truthfully as to why he won't talk to you might sound like; "Because you're a f***ing b****."  

He wouldn't be wrong. 
As a communicator it is YOUR job to learn HIS language.  This may not be the job you asked for but it's yours.  He has his job, you have yours.  

Before you whine and complain and claim two-way streets (which is true, but...) think about what he has to endure.  How would you like to know all your life that you are expendable?  That's a man's job.  To protect.  To die for you.  To live for his family.  No wonder the guy doesn't want to marry.  Would you marry if your freedom was taken away?  Marriage=Expendable to a guy.  It also equals responsibility. 
If you can prove to him that's not true, then he will die for you.  He'll do anything and he'll never leave.  Now I can't give you the in's-and-out's of a guys mind in one post but I can point you in the right direction. 
If you want to save your relationship or have meaningful ones check these guys (and gals) out!

And learn that men don't love bitches.  

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