Thursday, May 19, 2011

Audible Short Story: The Ghosts of Ragged-Ass Gulch by Bill Pronzini Narrated by Nick Sullivan

Nick Sullivan has the perfect sound as a detective.  He really made the story very rich with his Bogart swagger voice!  The story felt in-between a scooby-doo episode and an old detective mystery.  I went along with it saying to myself, "Hey Steph, you got it for free and who can resist that voice?"  But I started liking the story more because of the supporting main character, Carrie.  She was a hoot!  Her character put a lot of life into the story.

The mystery wasn't complicated and had all the good writing necessary for a short but I felt it lacked that certain spark to make me want to be a devoted fan.  Yet all-in-all the short did it's job.  I'm going to look up more of Bill Pronzini's other works because of this one.  It was an entertaining 1 1/2 hours and well worth the time and price of admission! 

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