Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review: Catch Him And Keep Him by Christian Carter

As a writer, I read many different books to get different insight.  When I read, I look at the style, voice, the intrigue I feel for the characters or the person if it's a memoir.  But the way Christian Carter writes draws you in and it's hard to break off.  He grabs your insecurities, throws them on the floor and says, now how does that look?  Ugly, huh?  Then, he jumps on the the poor insecurities and stops you from picking them back up when they scream for mercy. 

I can completely tell he's using the "I have a secret" method to get me to read more and it works!  I feel compelled to absorb every paragraph, consume the knowledge he has and is trying to pass on.  It's maddening because you want to know the secret!  Instead of plopping answers in your lap, you have to listen carefully, re-read and analyze what the point is.  What?  Actually engage your brain to help him find the answers? 

Christian markets to women.  What does he sell?  Advice.  MEN advice.  His ability to communicate to women at their level is amazing.  He's worked with countless therapists, advisers, and councilors to help women better understand their men, themselves and their relationships.  But what he really does is get women back on track to their inner power.  He reminds us not to give away our feminine strength while giving away the "secrets" to men in such a subtle way you'll think it was your idea.

So much of what he says I already know, but it's so uplifting to hear his positive message that I can't help but get back to the most secure and confident person that I can be.  To me his writing is worth studying not only to research as a how to get your reader hooked, but also -- he's got a great message.  Who wouldn't want a caring, generous man who lifts up your spirits in their life? 

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