Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Audiobook review: Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel narrated by Sandra Burr

As a writer I see various different sections that could have been handled better throughout the book yet I admire the foretelling, the pace, and Mrs. Auel's storytelling ability.  As a reader, I found this book just as unique and moving as I did when I read it at fifteen though I remembered the overall story.  Ayla is an inspiring heroine without being overpowering or losing her femininity.  The story intrigued me at the beginning, crescent in the the middle and came to the authors full meaning at the last two hours.  Mrs. Auel's thoughts about the stone-age make the story and her point drive home with Creb's (a main character) insights.  The divide between clan and "the others" is firm, each character had their own voice and the plot was built up greater and greater till the last bomb at the end.  Style was great -- Mrs. Auel has a definite voice. 

Now for what readers can understand--this book was fun, entertaining and extremely unique to any book I've ever read or ever will read I suspect.  And I mean unique by it has nothing to do with sci-fi either.  It's refreshing from other historical books as it's set in the stone-age.  I liked the book even though, and I quote another reviewers comment, "Ayla (the main character) discovers everything aside from cold fusion...".  She (Auel) gets you into the culture and life of her world that could have very well been a real occurrence.  It's a must read.  I didn't rate it higher only because of technical writing issues even my amateur eye caught, not because the story was not fully integrative.  I plan on reading the next in the series -- or "remember" it as I listen to it again anyway! 

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