Friday, March 8, 2013

Deep Thought

This may seem odd, but Doctors that want to help 3rd world countries aren't going there to "be green" or "live off the land". 

They are going there to raise the health of the people that don't have higher technology. I think about this when someone claims advancement has ruined everyone's lives. 


So teaching people good with a scalpel how to remove cataracts ruins lives? All immunizations ruins peoples lives? Burning clean fuel for fire ruins peoples live? 

Technology, like many things, has two sides. A simple life is not an easy one. Nor is epic laziness, the epitome of where all technology comes from. 

But does all technology improve lives? 



But I seem to recall people saying things like "if he'd had this kind of cancer ten years ago, he'd be dead right now." 

Maybe life is advancement. Advancement is growth. But like a bad cell gone wild, not all growth is good. Nature demands we grow or die. I still think of that T-shirt "Save the planet, kill yourself".

Perhaps that is what people who blame technology want. They are welcome to the death that comes with stagnation. I will be happy to live in my air conditioning, selecting foods I deem safe for my body and burn clean fuel for heat, driving my electric car and communicating to all my friends in different states via Google hang-out.  

You don't know what you're missing!

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