Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Writing Rant...

I hardly ever do this, but I must get it out...

I say "potatoe" you say "patatoe", let's call the whole thing off!...  :) 

What one likes another hates. I know a woman who loves dry scholar books, another likes to read complete and utter nonsense. I also know a dyslexic writer who won't stop writing even though people tell her to stop (and I encourage her to get an editor to help her but to keep writing because that's what she wants to do). But I agree with the type of writing that can't be fixed is the non-writing.
Complain about bad writing all you want--everybody's got a belly button, and many people want to show it off. If you force yourself to look and don't like what you see, perhaps you need a vacation. We all started somewhere and though a "bad" MS got published and you might think it only good for the burn pile, those writers got a taste of publishing and they either quit or learned how to get better. Because if you want to keep writing, you need an audience. If you have an audience, you're doing something right.

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